DiN 10th Anniversary and Free (really great) Electronic Music

If you want some mind-bending electronic music for FREE help Ian Boddy‘s DiN label celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Slide Ian Boddy has been at the forefront of electronic music in England since the late 1970s. He’s been a fixture on Echoes from the beginning and in recent years, there’s hardly been a month gone by when Ian didn’t have something in rotation on Echoes, whether it was a solo disc, a collaboration with Robert Rich or one of his other DiN releases.

Elemental Ian makes high grade, deep exploration electronic music, bridging the worlds of vintage analog space music and contemporary electronica and beyond. Albums like Chiasmata and Elemental are among my favorite CDs and Ian has been on 4 different Echoes Living Room Concert CDs as a solo artist, with Robert Rich and with ARC and that includes our latest, Vapor Trails. Public Radio: Behind the Voices Ian happened to be in the Echoes Living Room when author Lisa A. Phillips stopped in to profile me for a chapter in her book, Public Radio: Behind the Voices.

He created DiN a decade ago not only for his own music, but to expose other artists from across the less traveled spectrum of electronic music. din10cover In celebration of the 10th anniversary of DiN the first sampler disc iNDEX01 (DiN10) that was featured on the cover of The Wire magazine in May 2001 is presented as a free download (256kbps MP3). The CD features 15 tracks in a continuous mix that includes Ian Boddy, Markus Reuter, Protogonos, Dub Atomica, Chris Carter, Centrozoon, ARC, Surface 10 & Nigel Mullaney.

I remember when this disc came out in that Wire magazine that I was blown away not only by the music, which I knew, but by the beautifully engineered, seamless flow of music. Still one of the best mix discs I’ve ever heard.

And you can get it for free.

Ian Boddy in Echoes Living Room

Ian Boddy in Echoes Living Room

To get this music go to http://www.din.org.uk/news.html and click on the cover towards the bottom of the news release.

You don’t have to do anything but download, but while you’re there waiting for this great music to hit your hard drive, send Ian some 10th birthday wishes.  He’s not only one of the great musicians in this music. He’s one of the good guys.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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  1. June 11, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Happy 10th birthday for your DiN project Ian Boddy.Thank you very much for your great music sampler album.


    Carlo Celuque

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