Synergy-Larry Fast Interview

A synthesizer pioneer reflects on his work with Peter Gabriel, Wendy Carlos and his own Synergy albums.

synergyLarry Fast was an early exponent of purely electronic and melodic space music.  His album, Realizations for Rock  Orchestra is still a favorite among electronic music fans.    He worked with Peter Gabriel extensively in the 1970s and 80s and was responsible for much of the innovative sound of the singers seminal 3rd and 4th albums.   His Audion label, named for one of his albums brought a lot of great electronic music to the fore in the 80s and early 90s, carlos-beautymost notably, Wendy Carlo‘s Beauty in  the Beast.

Planet Origo has just posted an informative and in-depth interview with Fast.  It was done in 2005, but is only being published now, but since Fast hasn’t done much lately besides touring and performing with Tony Levin, it’s still pretty up-to-date.  You can find it on the Planet Origo site, here.

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