Wordless Echoes – Summer Solstice

Six hours hours of uninterrupted instrumental music for the coming of summer.


Wordless Echoes – Summer Solstice

Seven hours of continuous instrumental soundscape for the arrival of
summer. It includes music from Erik Wollo, David Arkenstone, Phil
Thornton, Mike Oldfield, and many others.

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0:00:00 Hollan Holmes Darkness and
to the Energy
0:04:58 Mokhov Sun Life Future
0:09:08 Kalpataru Tree Chasing Rainbows All
Things Passing
0:16:00 Erik Wollo Solaris Different
0:22:10 Krusseldorf Midnight Glitching Fractal
0:27:25 Erothyme Sunshine Through Speakers Circadia
0:35:04 The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society Fripp&Eno:Evening Star (remix) The
Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society
0:41:08 Das Sunny Brookflow Sparkles Brightly Forest Music
0:46:07 David Franklin Sunlit Mornings (with Michael Manring) Playing
with Shadows
0:51:45 Robert Casady Toward the Sun First
0:55:55 David Helpling & Jon Jenkins Sun Racer Found
1:01:55 Robert Jurjendal Sunlit 1 +2 Balm
of Light
1:09:38 Phoenix Rising Heat Mirage In My
Dreams Again
0:00:00 Jeff Pearce With Evening Above With
Evening Above
0:03:42 Caryn Lin Mid Summer’s Day Dream Honour
the Rain
0:10:04 Carl Weingarten Sundial Life
Under Stars
0:13:54 Motionfield Endless Summer Endless
0:21:16 Phil Thornton Summer Solstice Solstice
0:30:22 Saul Stokes A Two Sun Summer Sleek
0:37:19 David van Tieghem Summer of Smoke and Bamboo Thrown for a Loop
0:42:22 Startle the Heavens The Summer Air Lingers Find Yourself Here
0:44:16 Tigerforest Summer Storm Islands
0:49:00 Michael Gettel Summer Rain San
Juan Suite Volume 1
0:53:21 Yann Tiersen Summer 78 (instrumental) Good
Bye Lenin OST
0:57:05 All India Radio Solstice A Low
1:00:14 Lanterna Summer Break Desert
1:06:08 Jerome Froese Summer Light Fantastic The Speed
of Snow
1:11:30 Melorman The Sky out of Your Window Waves
1:14:42 Magical Strings The Summer River Where
Dragons Dance
1:17:22 David Arkenstone Midsummer’s Moon Summer
Solstice (v/a)
1:22:23 Phil Keaggy The Wind and the Wheat The Wind and the Wheat
1:26:38 Mike Oldfield The Song of the Sun Voyager
1:30:57 The Beyman Brothers Memories of Summer as a Child Memories
of Summer as a Child
1:36:40 Simon O’Reilly Wax and Wane Tide
1:41:47 Erik Wollo Summer Tomorrow Guitar
1:44:34 Sanjay Mishra Before Summer Rain Blue
1:47:57 Scott August Summer Horizons Hidden
1:53:45 Sumner McKane After the fireworks we walked to the rope swing What
a Great Place to Be
2:01:20 Jalan Jalan Firefly Sanctuary Bali
2:08:08 David Bordon Fireflies Cayuga
Night Music
2:16:38 Steven Cragg Summerstreams Discovery
2:24:48 Three Fields Clear Sky
2:29:54 Kool & the Gang Summer Madness Hit
and Run (OST)
2:34:02 Patrick O’Hearn Facing the Sun Beautiful
2:39:03 The Durutti Column Sketch for Summer The
Return of the Durutti Column
2:41:44 Banco de Gaia Eternal Sunshine Apollo
2:49:06 Bertrand Loreau Summer Journey
Through the Past
2:57:54 Aerosol Let the Seasons Drift Airborne
3:04:23 Laliya 12 Months of Summer Just Like River
3:10:39 Vic Hennegan Chase the Sky Live
at The Gathering Philadelphia
3:19:43 Jonn Serrie Century Seasons Century Seasons
3:25:29 Balmorhea The Summer Rivers
3:29:15 Maya Beiser Summertime Uncovered
3:33:54 Shaman’s Dream Summer Night’s Compassion Breathing
4:00:15 Wall Matthews and Rusty Clark Midsummer Dream Music Air
Over Water
4:08:38 Robert Jurjendal Transformations Balm
of Light
4:15:07 Aryeh Frankfurter Summer Waltz A
Step in Time
4:17:25 Tierra Negra and Muriel Anderson Summer Morning Rain Dream
Logic: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 16 (v/a)*
4:21:01 Erik Scott Sundogs Other
4:25:50 Majeure Solar Maximum Solar
4:29:51 Fall on Your Sword Beach Dream Lola
Versus (Original Motion Picture Score)
4:31:08 General Fuzz Summer Cool
4:38:18 Ludovico Einaudi Orbits In a
Time Lapse
4:40:35 Tino Izzo And the Sun Morning
4:46:09 Jeff Peterson Endless Summer Slack Key The
Artistry of Jeff Peterson
4:49:30 Michael Hedges Dream Beach Summer
Solstice (v/a)
4:53:14 George Winston Hummingbird Summer
4:58:06 Michele McLaughlin Changing Skies Undercurrent
5:00:18 Barry Phillips Surf’s Up Summer
of Cello
5:04:28 Paul Ellis Dialing in the Sun Silent
5:12:29 Adham Shaikh Journey to the Sun Journey
to the Sun
5:26:04 Paul Winter Dawnwalker Silver
5:32:37 Jim Ottaway More than Time Power
5:37:22 Kitaro Sundance The Light of the Spirit
5:42:32 Mychael Danna & Tim Clement Summerland Summerland