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Klaus Schulze’s 70th Birthday. Still Plugged In

Klaus Schulze

An Explorer of Sound, Klaus Schulze turns 70To those of us who came up listening to electronic music in the 1970s, Klaus Schulze was an icon. The German musician tapped directly into the growing electronic gestalt and created the template of electronic music that many, to this day, are employing. His name has faded in…

Echoes Top 25 for July 2017: London Grammar on Top

London Grammar

ECHOES TOP 25 for July 2017 Hear a Spotify Playlist of Top 25 Below London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing (Ministry of Sound Recordings)  Wilsen – I Go Missing in my Sleep (Secret City Records) Yaima – OvO (Yaima) Maggie Koerner – Dig Down Deep (EP)  (R’COUP’D) Emel Mathlouthi – Ensen (PTKF) Nym – Lilac Chaser (Nym)  …