Echoes is Turned Off

Don’t panic! Echoes is still here, but for the third time in two weeks our power has gone out. A vicious storm with hurricane strength winds whipped through our area Tuesday night (July 18) and took out power lines across several counties, putting 500,000 homes in the dark, including Echoes. Jeff Towne was mixing out Wednesdays’ show and I was putting the final touches on the Sounds from the Ground interview that’s in that show. Winds howled, rain poured down sideways, branches were literally being ripped off trees as I looked out my studio picture window. Lights flickered, I did a quick save and the power went out. It’s hard to produce a radio show without power. To top it off, everyone’s house was without power so we couldn’t move Echoes to our usual back-up studio. But Jeff pulled the hard drives and went to a friend’s house in Philadelphia and the next day, Wednesday, we uploaded the show from Maja Studios in Philadelphia where we happened to have a session with Michael Brook and his band scheduled. Brook played a very cool set with a band that included Lisa Germano and Richard Evans playing music from his new album, rockpaperscissors.

Longtime fans of Echoes should look to that session for a new version of “Redshift.” You might recall that Michael played that for us in a living concert in London in 1989. Then it was known as “Productivity” and that’s how it appeared on our first concert collection, A Door In the Air. But when Brook’s solo album, Cobalt Blue finally came out three years later, the song titled had changed to “Redshift.”
Cobalt Blue/Live At The Aquarium

So, at this writing on Thursday morning, July 20, Echoes is still without power, but the house and auxiliary studio are back-up so we should be cool. Be sure to check out a great session for solo acoustic guitar with Jack Rose and Jesse Sparhawk. Both appear on the Imaginational Anthem Volume 2 collection and they play live on Echoes tonight (tomorrow night in Philly) and this weekend. Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 2

Let there be light, or at least power.

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