I know it’s not a Katrina hurricane or San Francisco earthquake, but the weather we’ve been getting in the Philadelphia area this summer simply blows. We got flooded out two weeks ago with torrential downpours that caused us to lose power twice. The aforementioned hurricane-force storm that whipped through caused us to lose power again last Tuesday and we didn’t get powered up again until Sunday afternoon. Power came back to our houses after two days, and we were working out of our homes at the end of last week. Saturday Kim and I went to WXPN’s annual All About the Music festival. We were invited for a VIP schmooze which was a lot of fun, but bad weather threatened the entire time. When we went out to hear the band that most interested us, Konono No.1, torrential rains poured in.

Yeah, there’s nothing you can do about the weather but sometimes it does suck.

But power’s back on, sun is shining and humidity is relatively low. I’m still not back at the office though. I’ll be spending this week in Philly on the PennPAT panel, Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour, a cool program run by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (which also funds Echoes), and a couple of foundations. It gives funding to artists and organizations to produce concerts and many Echoes artists are on their program, including guitarist Tim Farrell. The panel has a lot of interesting folks like saxophonist Oliver Lake, who I’ve been following for more than 30 years.
Hopefully, after two weeks of blogging on deaths and bad weather, I’ll get back to talking about music again.

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