Arthur Lee Leaves the Planet to Find Love

Arthur Lee is the latest musician to leave the planet. The founder of the 60s psychedelic band, Love, died on August 3 of leukemia. His was 61. Lee wrote some great tunes, and played a mean guitar. Even Hendrix liked him and they played together on one song, “The Everlasting First.” Reportedly an eccentric and tortured soul, Lee and Love never attained popular success to match their legendary status.
Forever Changes

This blog has been reading like the obituary column lately. I realize I’m of an age where musicians I grew up with, or looked up to, are now beginning to pass. Besides Arthur Lee, in the last 4 weeks we’ve lost Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd and Micheáll Ó Domhnaill of Nightnoise. Outside the Echoes universe, trumpeter Malachi Thompson died and I saw him in concert only two months ago. Jazz bagpiper Rufus Harley also left us a couple of days ago.

I passed up a chance to see Arthur Lee a while back. Just goes to show you, get it while you can. We’re all only here for a short time.

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