Sultan’s Elephant-Giant Girl Video

I came across a totally enchanting video posted on the site of a recent echoesspace friend, Vespertine.
It’s a apparently from a massive street theater production called The Sultan’s Elephant. The video is completely mesmerizing as a giant marionette girl walks the streets, licks a popsicle and gives some children a ride. And she looks, not real, but not inhuman either. The music just sends chills through you in the best way.
It’s “Decollage” from the CD “Jules Vernes Impact” by Michel Augier’s band, Les Balayeurs du Desert. That’s an iTunes link. Don’t bother with the rest of the album which is disposable french disco pop. But they hit it on this song, which is based around a vocal sample from “It Amazes Me” by Blossom Dearie.

Here’s a link direct to the Giant Girl video and another link to the Sultan’s Elephant site where they have more of these.

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