The Return of David Helpling Imminent

I bet you probably haven’t been wondering whatever happened to David Helpling, but you should. His two albums on Spotted Peccary, Sleeping on the Edge of the World and Between Green and Blue were Echoes favorites in the 1990s.
Between Green and Blue
He’s played a couple of times on the show and also has an unreleased piece on The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 3, now out of print. But he hasn’t done anything since 1999. That’s a lifetime in music terms. Well, apparently he has a new album due out, a collaboration with Jon Jenkins. Judging from the podcast, it sounds great. You can hear that Podcast on the Spotted Peccary site. It’s hosted by Jon Jenkins, and you can hear that he’s also a professional voice over artist. It actually has been on-line since last summer, but it’s still current. They fill you in on Helpling’s last eight years and give a taste of the soundtracks and music he’s been making.

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