Lisa Gerrard Sanctuary, Tour and Music

Lot’s of news on the Lisa Gerrard front. Lisa Gerrard in Repose

Look for a US tour in April and May
There will be a Best of album in June
And the Lisa Gerrard documentary, Sanctuary will be released on April 24

Directed by Clive Collier, it’s more artful meditation than blow-by-blow biography and features a lot of Lisa talking about her music and philosophy. Also quite a few biblical references, especially to Babel. There’s not nearly enough music performance and the bulk of the movie focuses on her soundtrack work, hinting at her problems in Hollywood, but never quite illuminating them.
Music from the Motion PictureMusic From The Motion Picture Ali

Also mostly absent is Brendan Perry ,her partner in Dead Can Dance. The one clip with him looks to be about 10 years old. But the film gives a lot of insight into Lisa Gerrard’s vision and her deep commitment. The best line, might be from Whale Rider director Niki Caro who says of Lisa “She’s eerily connected to the spirit of things and I don’t think there is a culture that she can’t understand.”
Whale Rider (Score)
You can hear an Echoes Interview Profile on Lisa Gerrard here

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