Circuit Bending Worms: Roll Over Stockhausen, Tell Ussachevsky the News

WARNING: Possibly Creepy

Last year you might recall electronica artist BT talking about Circuit Bending on Echoes. This is the art of taking commercial electronic products like Furby dolls and altering their sound circuits to make music, or at least funny noises. Recently, Lars Hoel did a cool piece on Circuit Bending for NPR.

Well now there’s another take on Circuit Bending. Worm Bending.
Check out these videos on YouTube. Sadly, I can’t attest as to whether worms were harmed in this process.

For more on Circuit Bending, Wikipedia has a pretty good entry with some productive links.

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at 5/10/2007 10:35:10 AM

Certainly creepy but strangely fascinating )

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