STAR’S END 30th Anniversary: Robert Rich & Ian Boddy, Jeff Pearce, Ministry of Inside Things, Orbital Decay

On Saturday, June 16th, an anniversary will be celebrated. It’s the 30th year of the Star’s End journey. It’s actually the back end of 30 years since the show was launched in 1976. That’s longer than Voyager has been traveling the galaxy. Since Star’s End took off, there’s been Disco, Punk, New Wave, Ambient, Grunge Electronica, Alternative Rock, Emo, Screamo, Acid Jazz, and Folktronica. Yet Star’s End still travels the spaceways, not all that different from when it first launched.
I blogged about it a few months back and you can still read that on Roots of Echoes: Star’s End.
The culmination of the 30th Anniversary celebration will take place on Saturday, June 16 with an all-day, Star’s End Space Music Festival.
Stars End 30th Poster

Put together by current host, Chuck Van Zyl the festival is headlined by the first-ever concert appearance together of Robert Rich and Ian Boddy. They’ve recorded two albums, but have never played on stage before. Rich will do a solo set and then he’ll perform with Ian Boddy.
Jeff Pearce will proceed with a set of ambient guitar. He says he’s bringing all his effects. And the show opens with a pair of guitar-synthesizer duos: The Ministry of Inside Things and Orbital Decay. Both are from the Philly area. Ministry is Chuck Van Zyl himself on synths and Art Cohen on tie-dyed t-shirt and space guitar. Orbital Decay will be accompanied by the layered videos of Terry Furber who will also be surrounded by more vintage synthesizers than Tangerine Dream circa 1976.
And if you see a bunch of slightly older guys and girls walking around with prismatic eyes and faraway gazes, those are some of the many Star’s End space jockey’s from days past who are scheduled to show up. I’ll be there. Journey to the furthest limits of your aural universe and you can be there, too. Tickets are available at the door for $25.

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at 6/17/2007 6:48:40 PM


I really was blown away buy your show last night, celebrating your 30th. Congrats.

I have been listening to you and John for a couple of decades myself. I am so glad that this music is alive and thriving nicely.

Robert Farmer

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