Echoes at Eighteen

Echoes 18
We don’t celebrate our anniversaries well on Echoes. We did a decent job of our tenth, but didn’t really milk it for all it’s worth. And the 18th doesn’t quite have the import of the 10th or 20th. Going back into our past never seems quite as important as moving forward into the future. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Actually, we are so immersed in just getting the daily show out, pulling our heads out for a few moments to savor where we’ve been never gets a high priority.

I just got back from a week in California cutting interviews with Mark Isham, Michael Brook, David Arkenstone and Melanie Hutton & Marshall Lefferts (as well as concert with Hutton & Lefferts-see previous Blog entry) Then I went to a radio conference in Minneapolis to convince Program Directors and General Managers why they should carry or keep carrying Echoes. Back one day and into the fray. We cut two concerts Monday, one with DeMania (Alex DeGrassi, Michael Manring, Christopher Garcia) and another with English synthesist David Wright. Yesterday I was buried in a feature on guitarist Andy McKee. I finished that today while simultaneously putting together an interview with English music journalist Paul Griffiths. Now that that’s done, I’m researching an interview for Japancakes tomorrow, while writing up promo scripts for next week and getting my interview with Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale written and produced. Celebrate? I’ll tell you, it takes a lot of work to celebrate. Some organizations do it well. We don’t. But a musician named guitarist David Belmont, whose new CD, Postmodern Panache is getting played on the show, sent us a lovely chocolate cake and hopefully we’ll have a few moments to savor it

So while you’re listening to our 18th anniversary show tonight, a program carefully put together by my executive producer Kimberly Haas and producer Jeff Towne, tweak a circuit, tune a guitar string, bang a pot and maybe raise a glass to Echoes. 18 years and counting of new music and soundscapes. Thanks for being there to hear it.

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at 10/6/2007 11:15:22 PM

I’ve been listening to ECHOES since High School. I can’t believe I’ve been listening for over 14 years!! I’ve enjoyed EVERY minute of your program. It’s such a pleasure to hear John Diliberto’s voice! Thank you, Echoes, for the amazing work your entire crew does! Here’s to another 18 years+!!! Best Wishes!!!

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at 10/4/2007 4:40:42 AM

Just finished listening to the anniversary show, and I enjoyed every minute of it, just like always (I’ve been listening since *I* was 18, and that was a long time ago). Thank you for the great music and here’s to many more years. Cheers!

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at 10/4/2007 9:36:40 AM

you made me realize it’s been 10+ years i’ve been listening. thanks for the ride. now i’ll pause a minute to praise the lord for the internet and then cuss (i’m from the south) ga public radio for not broadcasting y’all statewide.

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at 10/4/2007 7:58:15 PM

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Diliberto this past spring at a concert in Philadelphia. I told him just how special Echoes had become for me over the many years I’ve been listening. Artists I’ve come to know and love – Vangelis, Kitaro, Lisa Gerrard, Azam Ali/Vas and many more – have all been prominantly featured. I have great recollections of driving home, maybe after a Thanksgiving dinner, with Echoes tuned in on WXPN. And now, with Echoes streaming over the internet, I can sit at my desk in the morning, sip coffee and begin my day the right way. I will indeed raise a glass to Echoes tonight. All the best.

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