Scott Huckabay-A child of Hendrix, a brother of Hedges

Scott Huckabay came into the Echoes Living Room today. He was last on the show in 1998, although we’ve played his music regularly ever since. Scott Huckabay is a combination of an acoustic, finger style player who dips his already formidable technique into an array of stomp boxes, delays, loops, harmonizers and octave shifters. Think Hendrix on acoustic guitar. Huckabay is on the music fringes. He’s a trippy personality who’s been partially embraced by New Age audiences, but his music is probably too edgy and exuberant for most of that crowd, but he’s also a little loopy for the relatively conservative finger-style crowd as well. And the fact that he plugs in, elaborately, makes him anathema to many of them anyway. But Huckabay uses electronics as organically and integrally as anyone I’ve seen. He literally dances across his foot petals, bells and shells jangling and clacking on his ankles, turning a performance into a ballet. Just like Hendrix, the motion becomes part of the guitar technique. We don’t do video on our Echoes radio show, but check out this YouTube clip of Scott and keep in mind that nothing is pre-programmed and there are no backing tapes. Scott does it all from his fingers and ankles and he even has shells sliding around inside his guitar. But his looping is so transparent, you almost don’t notice he’s switched from looping to live playing and back again.

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Scott Huckabay in Echoes Living Room (Photos by Jeff Towne)

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at 11/18/2007 10:14:45 PM

I discovered Scott Huckabay via listening to echoes a few weeks ago. I never knew that the range of of sounds a single guitar can produce can be so sweeping. His techniques are simply amazing. I have been listening to tracks “secret portal” and “sister ritual” a 100 times by now. His website says that he was in a motorcycle accident and his doctor told him that he would lose all feelings in his right hand and left leg. So the music he is making now is after the accident. He is incredible.

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at 10/25/2007 12:52:59 PM

We’ve scheduled Scott’s Living Room Concert:
Tuesday 10/30
Acoustic guitar scattered in electric dimensions
Scott Huckabay is a guitarist who dances his music. His arms flail across his guitar, banging and tapping. Shells and bells jingle and rattle on his ankles as he bounces across his numerous effects pedals, turning himself into a one man guitar orchestra. You can’t see it, but we’ll hear him do it live on Echoes.

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