Deep Imagination- “Awake From a Dream” Video

Deep Imagination’s new video “Awake From a Dream”

Written by Gillian Booth on July 28, 2017

Deep Imagination has released the music video for their song, “Awake From a Dream” off their new album, Carefully Kept Secrets. Deep Imagination is the creation of Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, a German electronic musician. Although he has been a musician from a young age, he got into German electronic music later in life when he founded Art of Infinity, an electronic music project. Later, he signed to BSC Music/Prudence and has released four albums through his solo project, Deep Imagination. His influences include Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, and Massive Attack. Since he started Deep Imagination, his musical styles have changed: once only electronically sourced, he now uses vocals, percussion, and guitars. These are featured heavily on Carefully Kept Secrets with guest artists Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals), Günter Kaufmann (electric and acoustic guitars), Byron Metcalf (percussion), Matthias Krauss (keyboards), Stefan Höllering (saxophone), Thorsten Rentsch (guitar-scapes, keyboards, percussion), Oda Reiter (vocals), Tanja Bamberg (vocals), Leon Mainz (vocals).

Using a negative image that’s been colorized, Deep Imagination creates a dream state where the singers emerge out of a forest, intoning the mantra like lyrics “awake from a dream” as their images get alter color, like coming into, or out of another world.  The video focuses on two different settings. One, in a strange world, where a man who looks like a magician walks through the landscape with his bag of tricks; he has a hula hoop, juggling balls, and a balloon. If it wasn’t for the dreamy music, it would be creepy, like a horror film where I expect something to jump out at me at any second. The music is new age but the imagery is pure psychedelic.

With choral voices, synthesizers, a David Gilmour-influenced guitar solo, shimmering percussion, “Awake from a Dream” sits comfortably in that mid-period Pink Floyd mold, like outtakes from Meddle. The video itself harkens back a little further to some of the cheesier psychedelic promotional videos that came out in the late 60s.

“Awake From a Dream” from Carefully Kept Secrets is available now.

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