Weekend August 12 & 13, 2017: Briana Marela and Falling You

Girl-Group Gothic Choirs Live with Briana Marela and Falling You Talks Dream Pop.

Briana Marela singingBriana Marela is one of many singers out there doing the looping solo vocal thing. But her voice is different. It’s innocent and unaffected, the perfect vehicle for her new album which turns her previous gothic choirs into a one-woman girl group. Call It Love is the name of her new CD and she comes in to create those girl groups live.

Weekend listeners will also hear the mystical dream pop sound of Falling You. Headed up by multi-instrumentalist John Michael Zorko, Falling You is more of a collective than a band with guest singers and lyricists. John Diliberto talks to Falling You’s Zorko and singers Anji Lum from LoveSpirals and Danielle Colbeck on Echoes

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