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TOP 25 for AUGUST 2009
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Vapor Trails
Vapor Trails
The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 14
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1. Chris Bocast & MJ Catalin


Divergent Arts
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2. Mandrake Project A Miraculous Container
Blistering Records
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3. Mark Holland & N. Scott Robinson Wind and Fire Cedar n Sage Music

4. All India Radio

A Low High

Inevitable/Minty Fresh

5. Whitetree


Ponderosa Music & Art

6. Rena Jones Indra's Web

Cartesian Binary Recordings

7. Anna Schaad Dream Within a Dream

Raven Fiddle Productions
8. Frank van Bogaert & Erik Wollo Air Machine

ACE Studio

9. Moby

Wait for Me

Little Idiot/Mute Records
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Wait for Me

10. Tosca

No Hassle

!K7 Records
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11. Matthew Schoening

The Art of Live Looping

Self Released
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12. Paul Ellis

The Last Hiding Place of Beauty

Groove Unlimited

13. Marconi Union Tokyo
Bine Music
14. Kalyan & Sambodhi Prem

Cello Circles

Global Suitcase Publishing

15. Terra Ambient Wanderlust

16. Urban Nature Coming Home

Urban Nature Music
17. Kitaro Impressions of the West Lake
Domo Records

18. Robin Guthrie Angel Falls

Darla Records


Harold Budd & Clive Wright

Darla Records

20. William Orbit My Oracle Lives Uptown

Spacelodge/Kobalt Digital

21. Inbar Bakal

Song of Songs

Electrofone Music
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22. Arve Henriksen Cartography
ECM Records


Huun Huu Tu and Carmen Rizzo

Electrofone Music

24. Christopher Young

The Informers OST

Lakeshore Records

25. Bruno Coulais & Kila The Secret of Kells

tôt Ou tard

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