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The Echoes Living Room Concerts, Vol. 19

CD of the Month:
Carl Weingarten
Life Under Stars

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Amatorski, Tori Amos, S. Carey, Juliette Commagere, Lyla Foy, Invisible Allies & Owen Pallett, Richard Leo Johnson, Mark McGuire & Priscilla Ahn, Silver Apples, Time for Three, Tonight Sky, Carl Weingarten, Yoed Nir & Pacifika


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Monday May 26th and the weekend May 30, 31st & June 1st
Interview: Silver Apples
From the haze of the psychedelic 60s, we pull out Silver Apples, the first electronic pop band. We’ll talk to founder Simeon who made electronic music without synthesizers.

Tuesday May 27th
Interview: Juliette Commagere
Singer-songwriter Juliette Commagere breaks the singer-songwriter hummin’& strummin’ modality with her album of electronic songs called Human. We talk about the soul of the machine.

Wednesday May 28th
Interview: Tonight Sky
Tonight Sky is Jason Holstrom who has composed an ambient song-cycle based in Beach Boys harmonies and electronica modalities. We visit his Seattle studio where he plugs in synthesizers and plucks ukuleles.

Thursday May 29th
New Music: Mark McGuire & Priscilla Ahn
Former Emeralds member, Mark McGuire’s new album, Along the Way was the Echoes CD of the Month for March. We’ll also hear from Priscilla Ahn, off her album This is Where We Are.

Monday June 2nd and the weekend June 6th, 7th & 8th
Echoes June CD of the Month
Carl Weingarten – Life Under Stars
Veteran guitarist Carl Weingarten has put together an album of sweet, Americana-inflected instrumentals with guests like Jeff Oster, Michael Manring and Kit Walker that’s a perfect sun-streaked walk for the June CD of the Month.

Tuesday June 3rd
Interview: Tori Amos
The iconic singer-songwriter talks about life at 50 and her new album, Unrepentant Geraldines that explores themes of politics, religion and love.

Wednesday June 4th
New Music: Invisible Allies & Owen Pallett
New music from Bluetech when he teams up with KiloWatt for the slinky, slurpy electronica of Conversations with Bees and singer Owen Pallett and his quirky song-cycle In Conflict, featuring Brian Eno.

Thursday June 5th
New Music: Yoed Nir & Pacifika
Yoed Nir
plays cello with Regina Spektor and Rufus Wainwright but on his own, he makes an ambient chamber music. We’ll hear something from his new CD, The Next Dream.  And while you’re dreaming, John Diliberto slips on the Brazilian exotica of Pacifika from their new CD, Amor Planeta

Monday June 9th and the weekend June 13th, 14th & 15th
Living Room Concert: Time for Three  
Time for Three is a string trio with classical chops and modern music. Their new self-titled album sends them into pop terrain with Josh Radin. We’ll hear them live on Echoes, playing original songs and a mash-up of The Beatles and Chopin.

Tuesday June 10th
Interview: S. Carey
Sean Carey has created an album of transcendent repose called Range of Light that uses naturalistic metaphor inspired by John Muir to talk about themes of love and family. He talks about it on Echoes.

Monday June 16th and the weekend June 20th, 21st, & 22nd
Interview: Richard Leo Johnson
Richard Leo Johnson is an idiosyncratic guitarist who pushed the limits of Michael Hedges-inspired extended technique before going completely out there with an American music of the imagination. His new album, Celeste, posits the idea of an alien abduction.

Tuesday June 17th
Interview: Lyla Foy
The English singer-songwriter talks about the atmospheric and ambient songs of her album, Mirrors the Sky.

Monday June 23rd and the weekend June 27th, 28th & 29th
Interview: Amatorski
This Belgian group talks about their ambient dream-pop with inspirations from minimalism, ambient, and Roy Orbison on their new CD, From Clay to Figures.

Tuesday June 24th
Interview: Carl Weingarten
From ambient guitar to dobro, Carl Weingarten has fused his own musical path over the last 30 years or so. He talks about his new album, Life under Stars, the Echoes CD of the Month for June.


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