Subscribers: Program of the Week

Important update for “Program of the Week” subscribers.

Echoes Online is ending the Program of the Week subscription level. But don’t worry – your subscription is still good – in fact, better than it was!  You’ll now have access to all the Echoes online programs that  “Full Service” subscribers do, with no increase in cost.  You can now access programs from the main Echoes Online: Full Service page. Your login and password is the same as when you signed up. This access will continue at your original Program of the Week rate until your current subscription period is up.

We will be sending you an email with more details of the changes, and how they will affect you. But for now, the only difference is that you have many more Echoes programs to choose from.  You will NOT be charged any additional fees.

Go to the main Echoes Online page to listen now>>

If you’re having trouble logging-on, please contact us here at Echoes directly – our billing service Epoch cannot change your login or password information in this case, we’ll need to do it here at the Echoes offices.

You can send us a comment here>>   or call us at 610-827-7040 during business hours.