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Bonus CD of the Month: iNDEX05

If someone wanted a one-stop example of state-of-the art electronic music, I would give them Index05, the latest compilation from the DiN label. Ian Boddy has created a perfectly sequenced, non-stop electronic journey with tracks from Node, Arc, and Dave Bessell, along with collaborations between Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell, Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter, Erik Wøllo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich, and Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate.

The Best of 2016…So Far

Miranda Lee Richards-Echoes O fThe Dreamtime

At the half-way point of the year, we pick the albums that excited us the most thus far in 2016. Miranda Lee Richard’s “Echoes of the Dreamtime” tops the list of 25, followed by All India Radio, Hammock, Radiohead and more.